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Get your animated MMS ready to send with FANCYMMS! Start by dropping in your images, then optimize your animated GIF to ensure it is below 500kb


FANCYMMS is a free web app built specifically for Marketers and Designers to streamline the creation process of an animated MMS for use in SMS marketing campaigns. 📱🥳🤩

We know how much more storytelling a brand can do with an animated GIF, and we also know how frustrating it can be to create one. While MMS images for SMS marketing campaigns have grown in popularity (customers always perceive visuals much better), it is extremely time consuming and cumbersome for a marketer to create an animated MMS image. 😵 There are two reasons for this:

  1. Photo editing software like Photoshop can create animated GIFs, but it has a steep learning curve, which makes the Marketer reliant on someone proficient in the software to create the animated MMS (e.g. your in-house designers or agency).
  2. 2️⃣
  3. SMS Marketing Platforms require an animated MMS image to be below a specific file size, which is usually 500kb. Animated MMS images are usually large in file size due to the fact that it consists of multiple images stitched together. Unfortunately, Photoshop does not provide the necessary compression tools to ensure an outputted animated GIF is below the 500kb threshold.

FANCYMMS takes all the frustrations out of creating an MMS by solving for this. The entire workflow process is streamlined for fast image cropping & resizing (preserving the original resolution while doing it), frame animation, and GIF compression. What normally can take hours to do, now only takes just a few minutes. ⏱️⚡

FANCYMMS’s tools allow you to quickly create your next MMS (static or animated): Simply select your desired MMS dimension, upload photos related to your campaign and watch your animated MMS come to life! ✨

To get create your MMS in FANCYMMS:

Select your desired MMS Dimension:

Portrait: 480 x 720, 480 x 640 or Square: 640 x 640, or 480 x 480

Drag & drop your photos into the web app and 📐 resize & crop within the preview pane. FANCYMMS works with your existing high resolution photos (e.g. the ones in your DAM or on your hard drive). In addition, if you choose to do any other resizing & cropping within the web app, FANCYMMS will always revert to cropping & resizing from the original image uploaded, so there is no image degradation.  

 At any point in time during the creation process, you can easily change the order of the frames or change the timing of the frames. FANCYMMS will default to 1 second for the animation time between each frame, which is what the majority of brands default to for an animated MMS.

⚠️ Keep your animated GIF with a frame speed no faster than 0.5 seconds. Your customers need time to process the images that are being presented to them.

🗜️ If your animated MMS exceeds 500kb in size, you will receive a warning that the animated MMS should be compressed before downloading the GIF. This is because the majority of SMS Marketing platforms require uploaded GIFs to be below 500kb in size. To compress your image, simply select the “compress” icon and adjust the compression using the slider. The compressed GIF will show in the right preview pane, so you will have an accurate read on how the compression looks as you move the slider. Remember, more compression = more dithering/noise. To apply the desired compression, select “Optimize.” At any point in time, you can also go back to change the compression settings of the MMS. To ensure you have the highest quality GIF, try to keep the compression just below 500kb.

💡 If your desired MMS is a single image MMS (not animated), FANCYMMS will default the downloaded image to JPG with no compression, since this will always be below the 500kb threshold. This also ensures the downloaded image is the highest possible quality.

Download your MMS at any time by selecting “Download MMS”

🤗 WE TAKE THE QUALITY OF YOUR MMS SERIOUSLY!  FANCYMMS uses a variety of image compression techniques to optimize your animated GIF. In general, file sizes can be reduced by 30%-50% at the cost of some dithering/noise. When you decide to apply compression, at any point during the image creation process, FANCYMMS will always compress using the original images uploaded to minimize any image degradation.

It is really up to you and it depends on the make up of your photos. Portrait and square dimensions work equally as well. At any point during the creation process of your MMS, you can change the MMS dimensions within FANCYMMS without experiencing any image degradation. This is because FANCYMMS will always re-crop using the original photo resolution uploaded.

💡 We recommend that you study your favorite brands that utilize SMS marketing to analyze which MMS messages resonated best for you. How are the photos presented in the animation? Which ratio do you tend to see more often?

You’ve heard the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words.

😍 Animated MMS messages are beautiful! The reason MMS has gained in popularity is due to the fact that animated images are powerful visual aids to an SMS Campaign. MMS messages differ from SMS
text based messaging, as they allow for more storytelling through visually appealing photos that support the message being delivered.

A recent consumer survey done by an SMS Marketing Company found that 51% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase if a SMS message includes an MMS.

So… why send a single image MMS when you can send an animated MMS? 😊

In order to upload your MMS, you’ll need to first download the created MMS within the FANCYMMS web app. Simply select “Download MMS” and the file will be saved to your computer. A JPG file will be generated for a static image and a GIF file will be generated for an animated image. Every SMS Marketing platform will provide you with the ability to upload a JPG or GIF for your SMS Campaign, so all you need to do is choose the newly saved file and upload it.

💡 As a reminder, most SMS marketing platforms have a maximum supported file size, due to limitations with carriers (e.g. AT&T & Verizon ). The maximum file size supported is usually 500kb.

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